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System Thinking Software

HERAKLIT is the ideal software for managers and consultants who have to control processes of business dynamics, organizational changes or regional developments. Sustainable problem solutions are created by modern system oriented methods like balanced scorecards, dynamic scorecards, stakeholder analysis, value chains, ...


 The Benefits
  • Analyze, present and simulate the impacts, consequences and effects of your decisions
  • Visualize and document your ideas, thoughts, processes and arguments
  • Minimize the risks of your decisions
  • Manage the complexity
  • Identify your key performance indicators
  • Find out the most influencing factors in your business model
  • Player-Software to communicate your strategies
The software has been proved as an innovative thinking, learning and working tool. The models, network diagrams, mind-maps and scenarios can be distributed and presented to the whole staff by the HERAKLIT-Player. Thus strategies and decisions become more transparent and comprehensible.


  • ... to simulate your causal networks, mind-maps and scenarios
  • ... to optimize your strategies, budgets and decisions
  • ... to check your action packages against your business objectives
  • ... as an authoring tool for simulation and gaming applications in your elearning activities



In Germany HERAKLIT is the market leadi

ng software and method for systems thinking (Operating systems: Windows XP, VISTA or Windows 7.) Made by ....


Integrated into the SyntHera® Concept, HERAKLIT is used to optimize teams and strategies. Find more about SyntHera® click >> here.
The international HERAKLIT website offers numerous information: >>  
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